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2024 Vendor Information, Application & Waiver

We are excited to have you participating in our National “All Under One Roof” Jam On It events. We look forward to working with you and your company at these events.  Things to be aware of as you complete the application process:

  1. Please understand that the completion of vendor application and agreement to terms and waivers DO NOT guarantee that you have been selected as a vendor for any of our events.  Decisions will be made by March 15th as to vendors who will be appearing at Jam On It Events. 

  2. In order to be considered as a vendor, each potential vendor must be complete application each year.

  3. Premium locations are reserved for Sponsors and Partners.

  4. We have already determined a merchandise vendor and contracted with them for all Jam On It Events.  These decisions are made in December the prior year and often we sign a multi-year agreement with merchandising vendors for our events.

  5. PLEASE NOTE:  This years booth pricing is still being reviewed and adjusted and may be different from venue to venue.  Venues have changed how they handle vendors that we have and how we prepare for them.  We are still determining how best to deal with all of the new rules that veunues ow have in place. Once accepted into event(s) you will be notified and notified of the cost for that event (s).  PAYMENT for vendor space must be paid for 30 days in advance of the actual event.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  When notified you have been selected a link will be sent for payment processing via credit card or venmo.


To ensure that events run smoothly, the following terms are required for participating vendors.

  • You will be required to be in full attendance for the entire event. You will be required to set up the day before the event, from 1-5 pm, unless you receive written authorization, so plan travel accordingly. We do understand that some things are out of your control (delayed flights, etc.) andwill work around if needed, but we must be notified. Outside of these hours requires additional security, which you will be billed for.

  • All products being sold or distributed must be pre-approved by Jam On It and is done at their discretion. No product with the designations of Jam On It, event title, team names, team logos or other insignias as determined by Jam On It may be sold or distributed.

  • All products must be deliverable onsite at the events. Taking money from anyone and promising to send product once event is over, is strictly prohibited.

  • Exhibitor or its representative is responsible for setting up the display, handling all sales, and collecting all revenue (including any applicable sales tax) from the sale of merchandise during event.

  • Jam On It does not guarantee the sales of your products. We do our best to have a variety of products at each show but do not give or guarantee exclusivity. On vendor application you will be asked to provide your website along with a list of products you wish to sell at Jam On it Events. ANY PRODUCTS SOLD at Jam On It Event by ANY VENDOR must be pre-approved.

Restriction of VENDOR SPACE:

  • Exhibitors may not sublet or assign any part of their allotted space to another company without pre-approval from Jam On it.

  • Aisle space or other public space may not be used for exhibit purposes, signs, solicitation or distribution of promotional material.

  • Operation of sound or music is not allowed

  • Construction of booths is restricted to the approved location.

  • Throughout the tournament we expect the Vendor Area and Vendor Booths to be kept neat and clean and trash removed nightly. (more often as needed)

  • Your Exhibitor booth area must be left in the same condition as you received it prior to the event.  You will be signed out just as you are checked in to the event and be subject to inspection. Failure to comply will result in a $175.00 Cleaning Service Fee.


  • Each Vendor is responsible for the security of your items and securing their own booth.  Jam On It can NOT be held liable.

  • When arriving on site, you must be escorted to you vendor space. If you need some help getting product into the venue, limited help will be provided and some handcarts are available, but they are being shared. No one takes any handcarts without pre-authorization.

  • Insurance and liability are the full and sole responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitor shall maintain commercial general liability insurance and will provide a copy of that insurance to Jam On It prior to setting up at any event

  • The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility for losses, damages and claims arising out of injury or damage to exhibitor’s displays, equipment and other property brought into the facility, and for claims of injury or damage to any other person or property arising out from exhibitor’s displays, equipment and other property brought into the facility.


  • Advance shipments of material are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

  • If shipping to the venue, Jam On It Staff will NOT sign for your products.  Jam On It will not be held responsible for the additional receiving fees that the venues require when accepting shipments.

  • We suggest that you ship to a UPS store or FEDEX store or to the hotel you andyour staff may be staying at and then have someone pick up and bring items to set up at the venue.

  • Jam On It shall have the right, without obtaining exhibitor’s approval, to photograph, film or videotape exhibitors and their employees or agents. Jam On It may display or use any such pictures or other reproductions for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.


  • INTERNET:  .Jam On It does not provide Internet for vendors at the events. Once accepted as a vendor, should you require Internet, you will need to purchase it from the venue.

  • ELECTRICITY:  Exhibitor will be responsible for getting their own power. There are standard 110v outlets located throughout the building; however, access to this power is not guaranteed. We recommend that you bring a long extension cord and power strip in the event that you require electricity.

  • TABLES:  8 foottables are available for rent. The cost per table is $30.  Jam On It no longer provides tables for vendors due to contractual changes with each venue.

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